Month: April 2012

Anne-Lise Coste Between Painting and Text

Originally published in  ArtLog. ◊◊ Last Thursday the French New York-based artist Anne-Lise Coste visited toomer labzda to give a talk about m, l, e, her latest body of work on display at the young Lower East Side gallery. For the exhibition, forty-eight small and medium-sized canvases filled two walls of the gallery space […]

If for Anne-Lise Coste, an early draft.

If for Anne-Lise Coste, words are at times “too narrative, too emotional,” how does one address her latest exhibition at toomer labzda, titled m, l, e (on view until April 15) after the very units of words? In the moments leading up to her gallery talk last Thursday, the French New York-based […]