Year: 2012

(In Brief) the Mexican Revolution

A list that could also have been titled, “Diego Rivera’s friends and dissidents.” Selections from copywriting artist biographies in 140 words or less; originally written for ◊◊   JOSÉ CLEMENTE OROZCO Mexican, 1883-1949 Alongside Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros, José Clemente Orozco was one of the major muralists […]

The Bernadette Corporation in its Legendary Proportions

Originally published at The WILD Magazine. ◊◊ Depending on the year it was written, the Bernadette Corporation’s autobiographical introduction reads very differently. It has, since its inception in 1994 in New York City, been responsible for the production of parties, fashion lines and their runway shows, exhibitions, magazines, political films, fashion films, […]

Kiki Smith in Times Square, Again

Originally written for the Solo Foundation. ◊◊ By some confluence of chance and irony, and something other than coincidence, Kiki Smith was asked earlier this year to produce a temporary installation in Times Square as part of the Last Lot project space—roughly five blocks from the 1980 staging of “The […]

Wooster Enterprises at Churner and Churner

Originally published in the WILD Magazine. ◊◊ Churner and Churner’s Wooster Enterprises, 1976-78 is some mix of a historical art exhibition and a paper goods boutique set up in a previous generation of downtown New York City. It is a small monument to the tremendous undertaking of Wooster Enterprises, and also […]