toomer labzda

Interviewing Kate Steciw

For toomer labzda’s year one exhibition. ◊◊ What do you use most often in your studio? Photoshop. Yeah. I think that’s what I spend the most time using. In the studio it’s different. I mean in the studio it’s just a place where things all come together. But I spend the most […]

Interviewing Jason Gringler

Originally for toomer labzda. ◊◊ What do you use most often in your studio? Anger! [laughs] No, patience. Definitely patience. unless you want something more literal? patience is definitely a good one. What is your favorite part of the creative process? The self-exploration. And the time that I have in […]

Anne-Lise Coste Between Painting and Text

Originally published in  ArtLog. ◊◊ Last Thursday the French New York-based artist Anne-Lise Coste visited toomer labzda to give a talk about m, l, e, her latest body of work on display at the young Lower East Side gallery. For the exhibition, forty-eight small and medium-sized canvases filled two walls of the gallery space […]