Taken 3/26/11

notes transcribed from a talk the artist Carolee Schneemann gave at the Nasher Museum at Duke University; she came in honor of an epistolary book our Kristine Stiles published on her, titled Correspondence Course.

–who saw the body as sculpture and as painting, and video as response to writing (for Carolee)

“Spatial is structural design, and innovative gymnastics,” her name is not Carolyn.
“If anyone could love me like you love your cat, bullshit or pleasure etc. or whatever,” her name is not Harriet.

Mounted this big projection machine, “then people stopped dying for a while.”
“The fugitive sense of art then.” “The anti-psychiatrist in London.”

“Is ok Mr. Policeman?” “Ok, ok, beautiful.”
“Is ok? We want harmony, everybody,”
yelling for her wedding ring and cello: February 1967. She does voices.

“The information of police brutality.” “To James, of contact, contact,
tip toe stone, one million cups of this sangria.”
“I don’t know, but must be the acid.” “A gruesome insurrection,”
Angel outfit and dunce hat, clothes for trading. “Oh no, there’s nobody up there.”

Atalai, Hungarian:
“phenomenally photos about your breasts ask to make agitations of your–”
(“all very various.”)

Compressed optical interpretations, 1975: She Fitzgibbon.
“A change of partner for the cat, Kitsch (Kitch). 20. Electrical convulsions, dragging herself (through the angry streets), changes gone berserk, is this entity apart or a part of, recovering was furious, hissed circling, the familiar surroundings subject to attack?”
“Of the seizure attacking from without,
looking for it in the different rooms,
this evil force,” she dragged herself.

Letters to Brackage!

— also to Dick Higgens! [sic] psychic changes provoking disturbing letters:
“that instrument itself has changed,
take a special kind of apprentice,
not necessarily as a lesbian,
so you can maintain objectivity,
your surrogate’s individuality.” (!)
“Dear Dick, (A-ha!) Perhaps there is someone older you could ask.”

Regarding work and struggle, to Kristine:
“After a year of serpentine arrangements dirt painting is this edited compressed time presentation;
after ambivalent gallery people, everything starting to fall apart into poop.”
Read/read mass murderer for balance.

Polliti’s art diary, a handy resource July 1995:
“For once I didn’t rip it off from someone else; who neglects orders & canceled copies?”

1966 Kaufman:
“Invoking bondage and bondage without tripping over which cannot metaphorically tie anyone down.”

Meat Joy wore tiny feathered bikinis.
“There could be no frolicking.Perhaps in the future.”
“Men are not acolytes”? Accolades. [sic?]
The cat shot film with her, her name is not Annie Sprinkles.

1996, Dinos, Paris, New Museum:
“Cradled in tremendous longing in the galleries reconciliation, an inner one, to no one in particular, transitive, to take an object to take its meaning. An eye that lives as they do, in the corners of vision.”

Some of these are funny.
Are we going to have a break? “Yes.
The cat is the mode of shameless perception,
an exceptional act of dedication thank you.”
Like a Lawrence novel without bitterness.

Americana eating Apple Pie
Americana I-Ching Apple Pie
[sic] or [sic]?
For New York,
From Shed Kitchen Shed:

“An art historical component of your apple pie, the generous breast as a hostile offering.”
“It doesn’t matter where you tie the apron, it’s just part of the iconography.”

“The butter’s not here, I can’t believe it!”
I can’t believe it’s not butter!
The other girl in the audience, her name is not (I forget what they called her it was very fast and never called again).
Deconstructionist Cooking for the Post-modernist Artist Trapped with a Dinner Party, will the Food Network sign?

Mysteries of the Pussies (wait, not yet. later)

“We don’t have a choice about it, give it a short kick then.”
“It’s a lovely idea but I had no control over lighting or focus.
They were taken to the local color xerox place. The degraded versions were the ones the Museum of ModernArt SanFrancisco wanted. The cat had a huge crush on the curator.”
The cat would say This is my best work, and give infinite(y) kisses.

Thinking with a stick pressed to her head, 30 seconds per sequence in Fuses per wind, the rhythms are off now. Too long long.

Precarious goes 350 degrees
“Dancing as formal captivity. Everyone knows Snowball the dancing bird? We like the good feeling ideas. You can see him on youtube.”
“With —- through their mouths.” She means E’s bear.

(and now!)

Vulva the cat.
Vulva is the cat. Ah.
“Is this good for Vulva?”

“To the book pile!”
Correspondence (of) Course
Correspondence of (Course)
(Correspondence) of Course

Gnarles Barkley plays backwards and out from memory. My friend stole the stick and we were infinitely jealous.

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