(Re)Distributing Gawker Artists

I recently got news from Liz Dimmitt, a co-curator of Gawker Artists, that it is again expanding its already multi-faceted role in the art scene. GA recently has begun to collaborate with the art print organization society6 to make its artists’ work available to purchase in a variety of forms. Society6 is a group that shares GA’s principles and function, and this joint venture makes sense. Both are groups helping artist communities gain presence and support in the too-vast art world, by giving them a forum to display their work, and means of distributing it. Both are open for anyone to join.

GA’s most recent project is their Limited Editions, a curated selection of pieces limited to 100 printings each. It stands apart from the other shops on the site to which all artists can submit their work. GA has always been deft at operating in multiple levels of inclusion, of offering the prestige of being curatorially selected alongside a membership to an ungated network of artists. It is what gives GA’s actions a different valence than those of a now-competitor, 20×200.

Though skeptical of GA’s step towards market participation, I realize that art prints have a legacy of benefitting artists, dating back before the art market boom in the 15th century Netherlands. Prints then were a way of circulating visual ideas, of increasing the visibility of genius. It could be read in the same way now. Prints then also necessarily came in limited number, because the plates would break with repeated use. Thus the Limited Editions finds a relevance and precedence in tradition.

Take a look. If nothing else, the artists are fantastic and deserving of support.

For more information on Gawker Artists, please see my earlier piece.

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